SPORTICO is a chain of sportings goods stores belonging to the largest sports retail group in Mexico. Although they have a presence in large part of the country, they have not differentiated themselves from their competition. That’s why I was commissioned to develop a new concept from scratch, deep market research, and an audit and benchmark of their main competitors.


I have started this project with a clear understanding of the actual situation within the industry: The sportswear industry is part of a hostile environment that invests millions in successful but largely empty advertising with a lack of genuine concern for its consumers, and it is time, and the perfect time, to set an example and change the rules of the game.

It is about creating the ideal formula for consumers to want to obtain the products for sale in a conscious way where they feel identified, included and understood by the brand. Habits can be changed, transformed from a trend to a lifestyle; let’s use our tools to break the toxicity that consumes the population and give everyone a break. Let’s elevate them to the path of empowerment by leaving behind the unhealthy obsession with the unattainable and unhealthy by showing them that happiness is found in oneself. We are on the side of those who care for themselves.


As you can see in this preview of the presentation, every aspect of brand-building was covered to a large extent, from situation analysis, through research and then offering a creative resolution for the brand’s execution.

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