At that time, we were a relatively new brand fighting for retail space against the biggest brands in the world but with only a fraction of their budgets. So we had to be disruptive and change the game’s rules to take advantage of the opportunities they had not seen as big brands.


The retail market in Mexico is highly aggressive. The big brands always use their financial resources to hoard the sellers in the stores through aggressive sales contests that, although they give them results, do not generate empathy with the seller but instead buy it.

In SUPRA, I wanted to do something different from what the brands do, so based on the concept of the mystery shopper, we took a big turn to make emotional connections with the salesmen and thus become organic ambassadors for the brand. Undoubtedly this initiative brought us a marked increase in sales for that season.


We had a team of men and women of all ages carrying out this activity throughout the country.

The speech the mistery shoppers had to make is as follows:


-Shopper enters the store looking for the first seller on the list provided. If he is not available, move to the next one on the list.


S: “Hi, can you help me? I’m looking for a brand named Supra.”

-both approaching to the product shelf


This part of the plan is the most important because we need to know which model is their favourite and shoe size. You must be super inventive with the way to do it. Here is an example:


S: “Could you tell me more about the brand? Its a present for (my, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother/sister)” The gender style you ask for has to be the same as the seller.


S: “He/she is as tall as you. What is your shoe size?” Size obtained.


S: “Hey, and which model is the one that you like the most?” Model obtained.


S: “well, okay, give me that model in that size.”

Once we obtain all info, we proceed to the purchase stage.


You approach the cash register and pay for the sneakers. Exit the store, and fter a few minutes, return to the store happy, with a big smile and the best attitude. You are giving away something very cool. Start the following speech (your positive energy is very important):


S: “Thank you very much for assisting me! My name is ______, and I am from SUPRA, and this is for you.” You give him the bag with the sneakers and the gift box.


S: “From now on, we want you to be part of the family inviting you to join our private Facebook group, where you will have constant training from the brand, riddles to win more goodies, challenges, and besides that, you will have a direct contact with us where can make all your questions so you can become a SUPRA EXPERT.” Do data collection.


S: “Thanks for everything, and please join our group .” Return to the counter and start the return process.


Get out of the shop saying goodbye.

Because a video is worth a thousand words, here are the hidden recordings of some of the executions. Enjoy their happiness.