After a successful launch year, the next challenge was to permeate broader new consumer segments and empower younger generations of creators.


To position the brand and enter new consumer niches, we knew that everything was about credibility. We demonstrated commitment and unlimited support to national and international talent under all the artistic and creative platforms.

We created the campaign Always On The Run to highlight all that talent. This campaign was about 14 personal and group projects developed and grown in Mexico City. In addition, we did a documentary video talking about their work and daily life, and it had a duration of 6 months.

The campaign integrated all areas of the marketing team. It began with a curator’s selection of ambassadors from the PR area, a production calendar from the Content Generation area and an aggressive strategy from the Digital area to reach the reproduction objectives. The selection of profiles was varied, from musicians, illustrators, chefs, barbers, etc. This initiative diversified the brand to new audiences.

Finally, a closing screening and a party was held for our social network followers and ambassadors.

SUPRA is for those who are guided by their passion for being successful. We are in favour of those who express themselves in all their forms, for those who inspire and empower those around them to create and transform. We are those few who make their own lane and do not step on any line.

We are for those who symbolize the spirit and lifestyle of imagining and innovating their own creative path.

We are the dreamers, the craftsmen, the doers.


14 documentary videos over 6 months of production.

Christian Castañeda

Visual artist graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeralda, who at 28, already has a considerable work history.

Vishal Baharani

The passion and the vocation for the world of the barber made ten years ago, he left his career to dedicate himself fully to this area of hairdressing and aesthetics.

Tony Solis

Photographer with 15 years experience in portraiture and fashion photography. Founder and director of PÁNICO magazine.

Lauro Robles 

He has participated in the electronic music scene since 2001 as a producer and DJ.

Jaime Martinez

Photographer known for his sensual and urban photos that reflect the daily lives of contemporary youth. 

The Pussy Cuts

It is an unconventional beauty salon, its specialty is to propose a unique look that highlights the extravagant personality of each of its clients. 

Edgar Clément

Self-educated illustrator, he co-founded the magazine El Gallito Inglés. His better known work is Operation Bolivar.

Rosa Pistola

Rosa Pistola is Laura Puentes, she has lived in Mexico for almost 10 years. She is creative, designer and responsible for RIP by Rosa Pistola.


It is not a satanic cult of the post-noise era. It is a quartet formed by: Gibrana, Yiruim, Jose and Piaka. A novel band created in search of satiate restlessness.

Diego Isunza

Musician of formation and chef by passion, guided by teachers like Elsa Kahlo, Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, Alicia Gironella and Ricardo Muñoz Zurita. 

Milene y Misael

Milene and Misael are the Executive and Creative Directors of the magazine Pánico and Gxxrl, as well as partners of the restaurant-bar XOLO.


Mexican brand dedicated to create harnesses and accessories hand-crafted of leather. It incorporates with class and style objects of subtle bondage.

Antonio Chirino

Manufacturer of frames. His work consists works of national and internationally recognized artists.


ØM is a fictional character from the underground scene. It is believed that the work of ØM has been seen in cities like Japan, London and now Mexico turning him into an enigma.  ØM is not an ordinary person.



The campaign consisted in a launching event and a closure screening.


At the beginning of the project, we had a private event where the ambassadors met for dinner. We presented the campaign’s concept, and we gave them their first product seeding.


We had a full day of projections in the Rufino Tamayo, one of the most important museums in Mexico City. Besides presenting the documentary videos, we projected exclusive material realizing a happening making a combination of video and the presence of our fourteenth ambassador. After the last function, we had an after-party in a basement location downtown, where the party ended the following day.


We built a physical space in a roundabout in one of the city’s most trendy and important neighbourhoods. The idea was to bring the product and the documentary videos of the ambassadors to the community, we had a closing event with music and a skateboarding demo. 


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