I close my eyes, and I can see it all as if it was yesterday. I’m 11 years old, I’m waiting for my parents to leave the house, my friends are hidden outside, it’s not the first time we’ve done it, but the nervousness feels the same. Finally, I hear them start the car and leave the house; my friends see them pass by, they know it’s time. We greet each other and enter the house. Unlike kids our age, we didn’t get together to play football, and certainly, not to hang out with girls. We were the “weirdos”. Our happy place was the entertainment centre with the giant TV and VHS tape recorder that my father bought to record his football games, but it was all ours when he wasn’t home. It was the fourth time we’d watched The Shining, and it still scared us just as much as the first time. We always got movies that our parents wouldn’t let us watch, and watched them anyway. Later I realized that those moments were true happiness. Do you remember those days? I’m sure you do.


The years have passed, and although it seems that I have lived multiple lives, the love for cinema is still present in me as it was in those years. My best talks, relationships, and moments are connected to cinema. So yes, being the “weirdo” in those days has recently become an aspirational lifestyle… who would have imagined it. I’ve been a fan of MUBI for several years now. I continue to learn and be amazed by your hand-picked curation and for keeping people like us together.


Bringing me back to the present (phew, what a regression!), I am writing to apply for the Director of Marketing, Americas position. I have 20 years of experience in creative marketing roles in different industries. I am confident and motivated. I started as a graphic designer, and my professional growth hasn’t stopped since then. I have worked for international brands in Germany and the UK and positioned several American brands in Mexico and Latin America.


I have been setting local and global marketing strategies, defining long term goals, and taking care of the brand’s global message for several years. Creating aspirational lifestyles, always working with stakeholders to achieve growth goals. Working in Germany, my main task was to ensure the brand planning and execution of marketing campaigns to drive growth and awareness in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Panama. My graphic design background has helped me drive content creation aligned with high standards and attention to detail. I have worked as a creative lead in marketing that crosses multiple channels and understand current trends and culture. I have a passion for diving into brands and target groups through unconventional creativity. But before I keep going on this, why don’t you better check out this short videos playlist? I am sure you will find it way more interesting!


I would like to summarize why I believe I am a good fit for MUBI:

I am, as you can notice, a true film passionate.

Expert in developing consumer-facing brand marketing strategies. The following four points will explain why.

I have a deep understanding of human beings. Finding what they need, what they dream and fear.

Analytics-driven mindset, I find humanity in data, and I position brands by the genuine role that will play in their lives.

I firmly believe that brands have to do more than just sell. Like, empowering the consumer, as an example.

As I grew in Mexico and worked for American brands, I understand the audiences, and their insights.

As mentioned in the videos, I have the talent to find talent and nurture, lead, and grow small teams across the world.

I have experience working with global lifestyle / technology brands.

I am a team player; I collaborate and have always believed in the collective creative power.

I make the creative more creative, removing from the team barriers for creativity. Simple, but absurdly difficult.

Finally, I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, but let’s say that this pandemic has boosted it even more.


This letter has become longer than I expected, but I hope you can see the passion that drives me when something really excites me. I want to be part of MUBI. I want to bring all my skills, love for cinema, and creativity to bring people together and empower them through the community around the seventh art. I know that way, I will feel like that 12-year-old kid receiving his friends at home to watch movies that would expand our world’s vision and understanding.




If you are still here, thanks.

For real.